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KBEC VINA Co., Ltd, 100% Korea's investment company, has many years experience in Environmental field, we involved in: solid waste ladfill construction and reforming business, organic waste treatment technology business using thermal hydrolysis (HYDRO - TECH) and landfill gas CDM business at solid waste landfill, etc.

KBEC Toc Tien landfill, located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, was applied the newest and best technologies and environmentally firendly, that was researched and patented, we have full competence to satisfy your industrial solid waste treatment demands.

By the reasonable price and the best quality of services, KBEC VINA will ensure to go side by side with you in protecting green - clean - sustainable environment.

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23-07-2012Announcement of organizing Toc Tien Landfill opening ceremoney for waste receiving
We, KBEC VINA Co., Ltd would like to announce for the completed phase I of Non-hazardous industrial solid waste landfill in Toc Tien commune, Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and starting receiving the industrial solid waste
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22-09-2011Decree no. 29/2011/NĐ-CP of Government
On April 18, 2011, Government issued the Decree No. 29/2011/ND-CP stipulated about Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Protection Commitment. This Decree is validity from June 05, 2011.
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To Receive, bury, treat non-hazardous industrial solid waste at Toc Tien Landfill

Non-hazardous industrial solid waste Toc Tien Landfill is constructed base on leachate recirculion technology and landfill leachate non-discharge technology which are the most advanced technoligies at present. Capacity of the landfill is 8,7 million ton over the area of 38,1 hecta. Construction of the landfill is divided into 4 stages lasting for 20 years. Capacity of the first stage is 1,3 million ton with daily capacity is about 2,000ton.

Other services:

- Waste treatment service (Pre-treatment and landfill)
- Waste collection and delivery service
- Waste identification service
- Issue proper waste treatment certificate and waste treatment report
- Emergency/Temporary waste treatment service
- Waste treatment and management consulting service


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